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Having more than 25+ years of experience in facials and their kinds, including eyebrow threading, brow sculpting, waxing, Microblading, Henna tattoos, Lamination, Eyelash lifts, tinting, and many more, We stand out among all the other businesses in the same category in Cleveland. While we provide all of these beauty services at the highest quality, our most popular service is eyebrow waxing and threading. We are constantly receiving comments that our Beauty and Brow Parlor is the best place for eyebrow shaping in Cleveland. So, why not come in and see for yourself? We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our incredible services at our Cleveland salon.

A blessing to all your beauty dreams, Bhavna's Eyebrow Experts caters to every demand a woman walking into our salon could possibly have. The establishment is headed by Ms. Bhavna Shah herself. She completed her education in the United States at the Grace College of Cosmetology. Ever since, she has strived hard and gathered time-tested and versatile experience in her field. Apart from having 25+ years of experience in facials and their kinds (threading, brow sculpting, waxing, etc.), She’s worked at JC Penney Salon (2 Years), Studio L Salon & Spa (6 months), and Sundance Day Spa (6 months). She’s also constantly contributing to the world by participating in charity events such as Earth Day at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo and Dillard's makeup events.

About Us

About Us

We Believe . . .

We are all aware of the popular notion that beauty is not on the outside but rather skin deep. But if you ask most people what they find most beautiful about a woman, they will probably reveal her outer appearance and characteristics. Ever imagined what it’s like to be the perfect woman when beauty is not only on the inside but reflects outside as well? That’s why we are here—to take care of the outside. There is no denying that taking care of your skin and body can help you look younger and more attractive. Also known as Eyebrow Experts, we are not just known for styling and grooming your beautiful eyebrows; we also specialize in threading, facials for all skin types, body waxing, henna tattoos, and much more.